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Mysterious Ways: Discovering the Miracles of Life as I Fight for My Own

Available on Kindle E-book and paperback

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Mysterious Ways is a collection of heartwarming, inspiring, spiritual, emotional, and seemingly unbelievable stories in the life of author Jay Gittleson.

Despite suffering numerous traumas in his early life, including a triple murder in his family, Jay became a schoolteacher and loving father. Later in life, after starting a motivational speakers bureau to inspire youth across the country, he developed kidney failure. Jay, a Jewish man, had a vision to move his family to a town called Nazareth, Pennsylvania. He and his family were led to an evangelical Christian church whose congregation later worked hand-in-hand with orthodox rabbis who came to Nazareth to help save his life.

Throughout his almost three years on dialysis, Jay reached out and encouraged others in and out of the dialysis center. He launched a Reconnection Tour, which led him back to some of the people who had made a positive impact in his life.

Whether it’s the story of the homeless man who became his decades-long confidant in a subway station, or the friendship he developed with his favorite television sitcom star (“Rerun”), or the chance meeting with the estranged son of his favorite NBA basketball player (Manute Bol) leading him to search for his own father, these stories will leave an indelible mark on your heart.

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